Monday, August 24, 2009


I started my Hari Raya shopping quite early. Actually, I have stuff for raya, that was bought months before fasting even started. It keeps the hassle away from shopping at the last minute. I now just need to buy a new songkok, and some buttons for my baju Melayu. Its kinda nice now, that I have a clue on what to buy, thanks to a dear friend who never fail to compliment or criticized what I ever wear around him (you would know this right if you are reading this :p), which is why around him I try my best to get something nice, and see his reaction. If its a good one, the compliments comes fast, but if its a bad one, it comes out a bit later, if I look average, I probably be ignored :)). Anyways, its good thing to have a friend like that, now I actually know what to buy. Now I don't look like a walking tent except when wearing some old clothes. Thanks also for my magazine which I recently followed again, Maskulin, the fashion guru gave me a great advice on choosing pants. Choose low rise, or pants that sits below the waist. This is because for those with larger waist, the pants will have a long inseam, which means I can pull my pants almost to my armpits if I choose normal pants that is sized 38-40. I also learn that each shirts and pants from different brands, have different cuts. Its kinda sad to learn about it now, but better late then never right. Well, I was kinda excited to know how to shop, and even better, most of the stuff that is available for my size, is on sale. My eyes wen't bewildered with all the 50% and above sales. There were to many to choose from :), now I know how my sister feels when she shops for great deals. Its feels euphoric
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