Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Indecisive.. hmm I been spelling it with Un in front, all day long. Oh well.. Anyways procrastination is bad since you are putting of work tomorrow that you can do today which means double the work tomorrow. However be in indecisive is worse from my point of view. You are literally stuck at a fork road when doing something. You have to measure up the pros and cons of each path that you take, which results in a lot of idling time. I hate that, just idling with a reason. I like my idling time doing nothing, at least that is a choice, instead of just idling and thinking which is better. This makes a terrible shopper or a good one since I could spend hours just looking a products that I need to buy. However if it results trying to choose between two brands of butter at Tesco. I think I may have gotten overboard now. Right now I wish I could make up my decision in the least time possible, so I can get more work done. Reminders that I should have finished with my research are popping out every where. I need to choose now.
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