Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Best

You know that time of the year again, the time to hunt for the best food for iftar (buka puasa) and the ramadan bazaar. These bazaar seem to pop out everywhere and creates massive traffic jams as part of its collateral damage. There are some who wants to earn extra cash by setting up a part time business while some its a welcoming way to attract more customers to their old business. One of the things I like to do now, which I learned from my parents is to hunt for the best food. My parents are on the hunt for the best Nasi Kerabu, a rice dish originated from the north eastern part of Malaysia, that is characterized by its distincitve taste of budu, and variety of raw veggies. Quite hard to find the one that is actually made to be enjoyed instead of made to be sold. For me, I am on the hunt for the best mutabak, so far I found one shop I particulalry liked, which made delicious mutabak. We also found a place that sells really good soy bean drink. The bazaar is an excellent way for us to try out new food, since we have around 27 fays of bazaar day (they tend to close up nearing Aidil Fitri). However one must remember to practice moderation when buying food from the bazaar as praticing in moderation is part of the duties in the holy month. Besides, how much food can you cram at one setting without skipping terawikh anyways :p
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