Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thoughts 2

I been neglecting this blog for a while. Sometimes I have so many things to write but usually its something that I think on the spot. If I waited till nighttime or till I am free, the idea will be gone already. Maybe I should write it on something first, so I can rewrite it yah? I have a Blackberry now, which I absolutely adore. I thought flip phones was my ideal phone but the QWERTY keypad on the Blackberry and other similar devices (Nokia E71/E61) is very addictive but then when I checked online, there is a phone called Blackberry Pearl, which is a fli phone T_T that is my ideal phone which combines two things I like about Blacberry's. Anyhow, I need a data plan or internet plan to really make use of my Blackberry, but I am grateful with what I got now. Anyhow, this Sunday feels very hot in the evening, I thought it was the Cambodian tea, that I gotten as a gift from my blogger friend (could be a diet tea :D) but it was the weather. I tried to resist from turning on the aircond, but I failed. At least I set the temperature at 25 degrees Celcius, so it's not that bad.
Anyways, I been having gas, more often than I should. I must admit that I have been neglecting to do run/walk on the treadmill for 2 weeks. When I mean gas, its more to burping that passing wind, exercise really help to get the"wind" out. Perhaps I should chew more during meal time..
My -20 Celcius freezer has to much frost, so the all of the "mysterious" packages from my Advisor is still in it. Little do I know, that my horrific experience with the dead animals, was not over. There were still other carcases in the bag. How do I know? When I defrost the fridge, it smell rotten. Now I am worried either with the stench or that I am used to it. Dettol is my friend for this week and I can mop better now to wipe all that run off from the freezer. The freezer was built with a bad design from my point of view, since the liquid that melted from defrosting the fridge goes all over the floor. You can't put anything to contained it because the tube is directly floor level. At least I did a lot of defrosting action today, I even got to remove chunks of ice from the freezer. Handling carcasses is something I wish to never do again in the future. The smell linger for days even though I use gloves to handle them. This is a experience and a reminder that I should finish up.
I have no waist. No waist at all, just a belly and a thigh. How do people normally wear their pants anyway. Normal as in those with out a belly. If they measure it at the tailors, my waist is around 40 but if I do wear a size 40 trousers, it will fall down. If I do wear a belt, there will be this ugly fold because it seems that the pants are too big. 38 feels tight as if the buttons will pop out but that is the one that seem to fit me better, as painfully as it is. At this age, I have learned to dress properly, which kinda embarrassing, now I know the exact length of my trousers if I had them shorten (37 inches, exactly), the width of my shoulders when buying a shirt (16 1/2), waist size? it depends on the trousers (38-42), shoe size (8 or 9, or 42 depending on which country the size is) and the stitching of the sleeve that connects to the shirt should be on your shoulder. Now I know why some people seem to be wearing some so perfectly fitting and I look lost in my clothes. Now I feel like window shopping and trying on clothes. My mother told me I am not as big as I used to be? I don't really believe her, but then when checking out my old clothes, everything seem to big. Perhaps during my school days, I could recount the many time my inseams of my trouser rips open, and the buttons pop out. It was terrible, which made me decide to buy every piece of clothing with the biggest size possible (What is your largest size?) Now I know why it takes some people hours just to buy a shirt, a pants and a shoe.
Speaking of shoes, maybe I should take picture of my sisters shoe closet, it will probably make women glee or excitement or green with envy. Shoes for all occasions, all in closets (yes, there is more than one closet) that is the same size as as my clothes closet.
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