Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Freshlook Colorblends

Look at these boxes of contact lenses. Not just any contact lenses, but colour contact lenses. As the name states, its a color contact lenses for those who likes to have a different eye color to what they naturally have. These are FreshLook Colourblends, these contact lenses has 3 layer of colours that makes them incredibly natural looking. FreshLook Colourblends blends with your natural eye colour so that it will work with you instead of against you. My sister has been wearing them for more than 2 years now, and she loves them. They are the only contact lenses that is suitable for her, she tried clear ones, but her eyes reacted badly to them. It baffles the optician, but each person is different right.

Usually these are monthly lenses meaning you have to throw them away after 30 days, but her optician that recommends her FreshLook Colourblends said these lenses can last up to 90 days if you clean them well. She uses AMO Complete to clean her lenses. My sister makes sure she rub the lenses well to remove the protein from the lenses, because protein deposits makes the contact lenses uncomfortable to wear. She rubs the lenses gently between her fingers for 30 seconds and rinsing it with the solution before putting in its case. My sister repeats the same step before inserting it in her eyes. The lenses are made from a different material than those monthly contact lenses, which I guess makes them more durable. However, each person is different, so you adjust your wearing period accordingly. Different people has different protein deposit production. Those who produce a lot of protein deposit may need to use protein tablets or use those "one a day" daily disposable lenses. I used them before too, just for kicks

Brilliant Blue, a new more noticeable shade look nice. It kinda matches my skin well even though blue is very unnatural for a pure Malay.

Grey seemed like the default choice for many Malays.

I liked green because it blends in so well with my natural eyes, its almost unnoticeable

I like brown, because it make my eyes look amber, very Thai. This was supposedly to be a discreet colour but my eyes were dark brown naturally so this intensify my regular eyes.

I copied my sister and used amethyst. In this light in looks purple, but in normal light, people don't even noticed it unless they stare into my eyes

You must be wondering did I actually bought all the colours? Actually I did but not at the same time, and I never bought blue. This is actually a simulator at FreshLook Colourblends website.

Its a really cool website where you can view all the available contact lenses and you can even upload your pictures just like I did and view yourself wearing the lenses. Even though you have no sight problem, you can get the lenses without any power, my younger sister bought Sterling Grey for Raya and she does not need glasses. Or you can just fool around with upload photo feature of the website and play around with the colour of your eyes
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