Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It seem workshop and myself cannot be replaced. Right now our silver MPV windshield is crack so we need to change it. Luckily we have insurance for the cracked windshield, so no problem there. As I look at the insurance documents, I found out the value of the Naza Ria and Myvi. The Naza Ria is worth only RM40k, after 4 years, which means it only retains 40% of it original value, while the Myvi is worth RM33k after 4 years, but remember our Myvi cost only RM54 instead of the RM90k of the Ria, so it still retains 60% of the orignal value. This resale value is comparable to Japanese cars. It helps that after 4 years since its debute, its still the best selling car in Malaysia.
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