Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am not sure what is the problem, its only been two days of fasting and yet I feel its been two weeks. Have I been that weak?. It feels like I have experienced half of the fasting month experience. I went to Tarawikh prayer, including a day I felt like the world is spinning around me (headache), I break fasting and sahur with family, I did the same with friends, I did some shopping for Raya. In summary whatever the things I did for 15 days last year, I done it in 3 days. Now I just got work waiting for me on Monday with my prof calling on both Saturday and Sunday. That kinda sucked and spoiled my whole weekend, but that is a supervisors job to do right. Sigh. Anyways, in my family, we like to break our fasting with something that is not rice related, because we feel its a bit to heavy. Especially for my mother, youngest sister and I who always go for Tarawikh prayer, I try to go everyday if possible. We usually have fritters, "kuih", noodles, sandwiches, bread or any finger foods. This usually make my friends family dropped, since most of them take something heavy when breaking the fast. However during sahur, my family will have something heavy, usually rice with fish, chicken, beef or any other "lauk" along with veggies. Its quite heavy which is different with my friend who prefer to just drink water or have something light. I guess our family is total opposites. Anyways 28 days to go, and I am going to make some of the raya cookies, which is my infamous chocolate chip nut and raisin oatmeal cookies. Due stop by if you want some this raya then ;)

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