Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cool Cars

C Ooooh the Renault Megane CC. CC stands for coupe and cabriolet. Yes, this is exactly like the Mercedes SLK, Peugeot 207 CC, BMW convertible, and Volvo C70. Its a 2 door coupe and a hardtop convertible. The roof will fold and stow itself in the boot. Watching these car with its origami like fold that stows the roof into the boot in less than 30 seconds is astonishing. However the boot space is cut into half once the roof is stowed in the boot. Majoriy of the people working in my University, drives regular cars, as usual Myvi dominates the parking lot with an equal mixture of Viva, Wira, and Saga. Although some cars stands out in the lot, such as the Mazda 6, Suzuki Swift Sport and the Estima. However sometimes if I am lucky other rare gems such as the Megana CC or the BMW 6 series will be parked in the lot. It makes you wonder if the people working their bought the cars or their spouses did. Anyhow, it makes great eye candy for me.
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