Friday, August 28, 2009


This weekend I will service our 190e and Myvi. Oil change is the most common and frequent service that one will ever do to ones car. The oil or lubricant is the blood of the engine, and when the blood is dirty, we are just steps away of major repairs. So we must follow the service interval that our car recommend. Most people and workshops seemed to be following the cult of changing your oil at every 3000 miles or 5000km. This is the same oil interval when car was invented almost 100 years ago. I would think after all these years, the interval would be a lot longer. However it seems there is a conspiracy among all the workshop when they say, you should always change your oil at 5000km, because its the safest choice. However, I would recommend you check your car manual and see the real service interval. Most modern cars now, need only an oil change every 10,000km, or 6 months, which is double the lies that the workshop tell you (5000km, 3 months). One of the reason for this short oil change interval is the oil that they use. In the old days, mineral oil is used, now days, synthetic or synthetic blend is used. The synthetic oil last much longer than regular mineral oil and much more durable. Engine that uses 100% synthetic oil can run up to 20,000km per change or 2 years. All they need is a top up and oil filter change every 12 months. This depends on the car manual though.

Check their websites if they do show you how you have to pay for each service. Perodua shows a detailed price and parts that they replaced

Now days most car comes with an extended warranty. My Viva has a 6 years warranty, which brings a piece of mind for me because the installment for my car is 7 years. Its important to follow the service interval the manufacturer has set up upon your car in order to keep the warranty intact. Which means I have to line up or set up an almost incovinient appointment with the Service Centre to get my Viva serviced. This can be something of con/lie/extortion to an extent. For example, according to my dad's Accord manual, the car needs to have an oil change every 10,000km or 1 year, however the warranty that Honda Malaysia sets is that the car needs to have an oil change every 3 months or 5000km. Last time I sent the car for servicing I was somehow talked into choosing a fully synthetic oil change. This oil is expensive, it cost about RM 200 ++ per 4 litre bottle, and its going to be drained out after 3 months, 9 months early that it is supposed to be designed. For me its just one way Honda Malaysia to make more money by ensuring people come to their service centers. They have solex proof contract that you will have to service at their centre, using their oil, at their interval in order to keep your warranty void. Having a car is like gambling, sometime you will get a car that will give you no problem, sometimes it will give you hell, which is why we have to follow the interval.

Honda shows you the cost of each service they do. I find it unbelievable that they still performed oil change at every 5000km, they label it as preventive maintenance. I say its extortion, since we are forced to follow this service interval, you can lessen the blow to your wallet by using a semi synthetic oil.

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