Thursday, August 13, 2009


I like going grocery shopping, I like it far more than shopping for clothes, shoes, gadgets or anything else. This is why I failed miserably when shopping for clothes, shoes, gadgets or anything else, and how I could sense which section sells a car perfume and which section sells room perfume (car perfume near the DIY section usually, while room perfume is near the detergent section). I guess it could be the works of my mother, who often take me to the grocery shops when we were in the US. Buy for Less, Target, Lion, Walmart, etc, I knew each of the stores well and I could tell you where anything is. We also were advert coupon cutter and contantly seeking out coupons. My dad was doing his degree at that time, so we had to save here and there. My mother even sneaked out a coupon booklet from the newspaper without even buying the newspaper :p. Anyways, I enjoyed the sight and smell of the grocery stores. I even enjoy looking at the stuff people buy in the supermarket. It kinda tells you a bit about their life, that new rice cooker, pots and basic ingredients probably show that Nepalnese worker has just arrived here, that pack of Durex the middle eastern couple bought is probably because they are not financially ready to have children while they are studying here, or that unsually large amount of leafy vegetable, cooking oil and rice shows that they might run catering or food business. Its fascinating really, to see how parents raise the children. You can see some well behave (or scared as hell) children who quitely follow their parents while shopping, while some are just whiney brats. I can only blame the parents because children are a blank piece of paper, I don't remember being loud and obnoxious when I was little.
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