Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I had a sudden urge to drink Coke yesterday, so I decided to buy a 1.5 litre bottle yesterday at Tesco, while searching for a light bulb. Apparently its almost insanely difficult to get a Cool Daylight and Warm White Genie 14w Energy Saving Lamps at Tesco. I don't think they even carry this type at the Kajang branch. Anyways frustration of the missing bulb, the insane traffic jam after picking up my sister from her Islamic School which was combined with another school because they had Islamic School exam. I felt like a rat, trapped in a maze of traffic jam, and was desperately finding ways to get out of the gridlock. We weren't even in the city, it was small neighborhood road.

I am not sure either to be insulted or amazed.

Anyways stress levels were high, and unlike last year, the last days of fasting seemed the most terrible for me. Tempers flare, sleepiness increase, and I feel quite nocturnal. I needed something, a quick fix, a drug or sort. Its terrible, its bad and its unhealthy, especially since I dranked the whole bottle within 12 hours. Yeah, that is crazy and I suffered the consequences. Coke has caffeine, just like coffee but not as much though, but 1 whole bottle of Coke, I think that is a lot of caffeine going to my system. Unlike most people, I can still sleep with a dose of caffeine. The other effects of caffeine is increased bowel movements. Yes, that means you tend to go to the bathroom more often to do number 2. On the bright side, its cleasing to the digestive system. Yeah its not good to associate food with emotion, for that it would make me a better candidate to enter The Biggest Loser Asia, but I swear, that eating chocolates does not make me fat. Time and time it shows when I down lots and lots of chocolate, people end up saying, I look good and thin. Perhaps chocolate stops me from eating other things, or the phytochemicals in chocolates makes your radiant with in. Studies shown chocolate makes you be in a better mood too.
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