Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So where is your hometown? When we were little, our hometown is our grand parents house right. When we are adults or nearing that stage, hometown is where our parents are right? Since I live with my parents, I am living in my hometown then? Hometown is where you were born right and raised, I was born in KL but raised all over the peninsular Malaysia and parts of North America. Now my parents bought a house in Kajang 9 years ago, so technically my hometown is Kajang.. Yeah I know such a long story for something that requires a short answer. So its easy to just say, my hometown is in Kajang. Simple right

Also it is a lot easier during festive seasons. I don't have to buy bus tickets 1 month in advance, not worry what time I should leave, the taxi and so on. I have been there in that position when I did my diploma in Perlis. Its kinda liberating not to worry about tickets and stuff. In fact this Raya, we will celebrate at my Dad's hometown, which is in Ampang. No worries there :D. Celebrating Raya in the city is quite nice, the traffic is clear, you see people in their Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung. Very festive, just like Kampung. Although some with ultra modern (or ultra ignorant) thinking, goes to see a movie on the first day of raya. That is just plain crazy.
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