Thursday, September 10, 2009

Car Safety

I love these two websites that I frequently visit. Its the IIHS, SAFERCAR and Euro NCAP. IIHS stands for Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, while Euro NCAP stands for European New Car Assessment Program. These two websites shows you the safety rating of vehicles produced by various manufactures. We have one of the highest statistics involving road accidents and it worsen during festive season. There many factors that leads to road fatality such as human error or road condition. Another important factor is the design of cars itself, a well design cars will prevent accidents from happening from the first place, protect the occupants during an accidents, and allows rescues easier after accidents. Each institutes has a slightly different rating for each cars and some might have unique test. Some even have videos and pictures for you to download. However it is noted, some of the cars available in Malaysia, is stripped from many of its safety features. We are the public that has not been educated on the importantness of car safety. That is however, is a different story to tell. Point of note, sure that extra thousands that you pay to get that "premium" model which include all the "accessories" but these so called "accessories" such as supplementary restraint system (SRS or airbags) and anti lock braking system (ABS) are just basic passive and active safety system that should be always be chosen when your finance permits. These two features are much better than any sport rims and speakers at Brothers.

This the Peugeot 308, which is available in Malaysia and built in Kedah. The Peugeot 308 Turbo has 6 airbags, but misses the drivers knee airbags that is available in the 407 which also gets 5 star rating

Ever wonder what the Decepticon police car in the first Transformers movie would look like in a crash, now you can.

Not only Edward Cullen is a dashing vampire, he also drives a car that is also very safe, Volvo C30.
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