Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Real Life

Fasting is over, Raya in theory is over for me, since I already visited most of my close relatives. Its an adjustment again to be able to eat in the day, its also an adjustment to be hungry again after binging for 3-5 days while visiting relatives. It's just not polite to not eat, after your host prepares something for you, its also not polite to think that your guest have eaten before coming to your house. I know, a friend of mine made a mistake saying I have eaten before coming to his house, when in fact I was starving. Last time I came to his house. The sudden binge of food, resulted in sudden weight gain, hence those pair of jean that I was so excited that fits perfectly, now does not. Bring on the loose clothes now, its going to be a while before I can fit into them again. Like 1 year, (for the next fasting). Apparently that is how long it took before I could wear my last year Raya pants, and I could only wear it during fasting. Now I have retrain myself to allow myself to be slightly hungry or that ridiculously hard to find low rise jeans size 38, has to be retired for a year.
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