Thursday, September 24, 2009

3-2-1 Contact

I should blog more right? It does not mean having to write down every single detail of my life, nor does it mean to bitch and moan about life, but a reflection of oneself, just like what Ms Shakie, but now Madam Shakie said to us during BEL 200. Its interesting how much I love this thick coke bottle frame glasses. I love it so much, I wear them most of the time. In fact I wear them so much, people forgotten I used to wear contacts. It does not help, that these thick plastic frame are incredibly comfortable, that I could wear them anywear, anytime and anyplace without fearing that it would rust, peel, discolour, bruise my kin nor bend. Alas, its just a way for me to hide behind it, maybe I am hidden way to often behind them.

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