Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hmm I was stumbling on some youtube videos when I stumbled upon on this video. Its about a African race baby with sky blue eyes. His eyes is completely natural even though both of his parents were African, with black eyes. Some say its just a genetic defect or a type of albinism that affects the eye only. I don't think its that weird for African people to have blue eyes. That guy is CSI Las Vegas has it, the "bitch" Willamina in Ugly Betty or better know as Vanessa William, has blue eyes, that guy in Beyonce Halo music video has blue eyes. Some African tribes do green eyes naturally, its just the little error in nature that us humans seem to appreciated it. These error include firey red hair and piercing green eyes of the Irish and Scottish people. It just does not stop with African people, some asian people were also born with naturally lighter color eyes. I seen a chinese guy at the cyber cafe with Amber eyes, amber is the color of your cars turning signal. I seen lots of people in Perlis with naturally amber eyes. Its very appealing. . My English teacher said, her Malay Brunei friend has green eyes. Wicked!. I never thought I would see is a Malay with green eyes, but I did recently. My friend's friend, has green eyes, okay his eyes were hazel, but hazel eyes can change constantly. I swear his eyes changed from amber to greenish brown. It was mesmerizing. If I wanted to change my eye color, I just put on some Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses. To me these are really the most natural looking lense on the market, because they blend in with your natural eyes color. I could wear green, amethyst, or brown, and most of the time people won't noticed it. Unlike other brands, they really make your eyes look scary because eyes naturally don't look that bright, even if you have blue eyes. Another video in youtube showed me people who had colored Iris implanted in behind their cornea !!!! yes, you can surgically change your eye color. Erghh, luckily these people are not promoting, instead they were warning the side effects of putting these lens into your eyes. Now they had to take it out, one at a time, because they ran out of money. So they walk with two different color eyes for a few months before they could raise the money to take the surgery again. Apparently Panama is the only country in the whole wide world who does this type of surgery. This is the website They say its looks more natural than color contact. Natural my A@!, they look fake as hell, go figure. It like wanting to go blonde, instead of just bleaching your hair blonde, you go for a scalp transplant. Ergh.. This is scary just like fake boobs, extending limbs and so on.

However to be fair, there are people who needs to fake iris, the fake boob and limb extension, and we must not be judgemental to them. I wear color contacts sometimes and color my hair sometimes, but its something not permanent, and I could go natural when I choose too. Its fun to change it sometimes, as long as it safe, and my family does not oppose it, its fine with me. But having to go under the knife? and a procedure which is not FDA approved nor done else where? Hmm talk about a risk, and as they say beauty is pain. I rather have something I could turn back into something normal again if I choose to, then choosing something permanent. There is video here about a guy who so excited with his new blue iris, but in the end after a lots of problem and hearing stories of his friends going blind, he took them out. Its quite scary actually. I have been in similar situation with my color contact before. I used these permanent lenses but I was a cheapskate and did not use a protein remover, in the end what happend I had this bumps forming under my eye lids, that grab the contact lenses, which will pull the lenses up after I blink. No more, no permanent lense for me, I am sticking with good ol disposable lenses. I also make sure I rub my leanses when cleaning them to remove the protein deposits.

I could have light colored eyes too, naturally. How? Go live in place where there is winter, your skin, hair and eyes, go lighter in the winter, I had amber eyes in the winter. So cool.. but then really, real iris changes, and sometimes my I do get the amber eyes, albeit in the hot sun.. :p. Eyes are the windows to the soul, so any eye color is beautiful, however just like windows, we can change the original curtains if we wanted to ;)

This has nothing to with the eye, but I love the song Iris, by the goo goo dolls :D
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