Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Get Away

I had a short trip to Pahang last Sunday, via public transportation. Its been a while since I took the public transportation after I started to know my way around while driving. I took the Komuter from Serdang to KL Sentral

Then took a monorail from KL sentral to Titiwangsa, only after I arrived, I felt foolish, since the STAR LRT also goes to Tittwangsa -_-"

I took a bus to Raub, where my friend will pick me up. Its been years since I rode a bus, the last time I took the bus was during my diploma years for my trip to and from Arau, Perlis

Ahh.. the hills are alive with fresh air and chirping of birds

A pregnant monkey hanging and swinging on branches.

A nice flower

Another nice flower

This is an interesting flower

We took the motorcycle up the hill. I love this Yamaha LC, its has really good pickup.

Yeah, I was at Frasier Hills, I don't even remember if I ever been here before.

Theoretically, I was supposed to go back by bus, but we took a wrong turn, and went into Batang Kali.. Ouch.. Out from Pahang and into Selangor. No wonder the car registration plate was different :p.

Now the Komuter operates from Tanjung Malim to Rawang. The reason why is that they used a the diesel train instead of the electric train, so you need to change trains at Rawang. A ticket from Batang Kali to Serdang is only RM 5.80.

The trip was fun and worth it. I had great time just trying something new and adventurous, but I did get blisters from sitting on a motorcycle for a long time, something that I haven't done for a long time

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