Thursday, July 23, 2009

Solar Eclipse

We just passed the longest ever Solar Eclipse of the 21st century. More than 6 minutes, the sun was hidden or partially hidden, depending on where you are. Some say the eclipse causes animals and perhaps some humans to behave strangely. Perhaps it just a bunch of quack or we just don't have enough eclipse to actually do a proper research. For me, perhaps fate, luck, chance, god's will, free will, star's alignment, the universe, or just plain coincidence, that made me feel this week is a stranger week than the rest. The lab and I are not on good terms this week. There were many good things that happened this week, I met a kind and wonderful final year master students who is kind enough and not to mention insanely patient with me to help with my research, I finally let go the anger I had with my friend, and strangely enough, I was on good terms with my family, of course there is the asshole brother and the over worried and overly suspicious mother, but both went on smoothly. There is even my sister who suddenly got brainwashed by some DCHL/DHCL or what ever bull shit MLM (multi level marketing) company who told my sister to get RM2k before 5pm to show how serious she was.. What the hacks? But somehow, I dread going to the lab, totally dread looking up my past notes on my research and totally hating the traffic. Seriously, I don't even want to be in the lab, unless my supervisor requested me to be there or to help him. It's not that far anyways from home and the faculty, beside that incredibly inefficient new parking system (dumb a@S parking lot) is not something I want to deal with everyday, not to mention my vendetta with the security people at UPM. Its such a strange week for me, very strange....
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