Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Short Fuse

I won't say its a bad week, but it feels like a bad week. My fuse is much2 shorter this week, but then there is more aggravation this week than the other weeks. It made me feel on the fence about this week condition, I know I should not think too much about the past, nor worry about the future, but think about now. All the books, movies, and even 3D cartoon states this. Sigh. My mother told me to control that temper if I want a healthy life. Now I can still choose to keep quite or stay away from the aggravation if I choose too, but in the future I probably can't. I still have to go to work, deal with colleagues, deal with supervisors, still have to drive and deal with the drivers on the road. Probably the only thing that I can look forward is having a place of my own, or if my financial does not allow it at least a master bed room with my own bathroom. That would be my own little studio apartment. I'll pay extra for the electricity or water if they want me too. Just my own little nest without anyone nosing around. Living with parents are nice, but only if your parent's are understanding and trust you as a grown adult. I don't think mine does, and I don't think many parents do anyways. Its get kinda funny and sometimes down right annoying really, when my mother wants to trick me into telling her something she thinks is happening in my life. Right.... like staring me into my eyes is going to pop out anything, I will stare right back into her eyes. We're are bunch of starers trying to crack each other. I like my life now and how it goes, if people won't agree to what I think, should I even care what they think? Well as I am spending quality time at home, instead of going to the lab, might as well just do what ever I do in the lab, that does not involve any experiments. If my supervisor really needs me, he would call my cellphone, unlike the brand new PhD student, whom seem to perfected the art of loosing touch so well, heck he even wants to easier classes for the PhD credits. Whatever really, I can do any damn thing I want and so can he.
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