Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hot and Cold

Do you know those night when you feel hot but at the same time you worry about being cold in the morning or being to hot or worry about mosquitoes giving you malaria, dengue, or chingukuniya. That just bites doesn't it. What about, the need to open a book to read or medical journal. It sucks man. Really sucks. I should take pictures too, been lazy on not snapping stuff now. My phone camera has scratches and dirt in the lens, which requires me to change its casing. Sigh... gosh.. too many entries about complaining eh.. :D, but this is a reflection right? How you worry about the silliest things or get paranoid like crazy. I wanted to fill in on facts but that is like studying and might as well study something related to my research. I been flipping back on the basis of Toxoplasma gondii and making sure I still know the basis of my beloved parasites. Gotta keep up on reading, but I had a hard time waking up and staying up in the morning. I am beginning to hate the alarm clock now. I turned one of it off because the alarm is like a nagging mother who repeats till you want to scream. I actually ignored my alarm and end up pissing myself off. Silly budlee.....
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