Friday, July 17, 2009


I had a great time oh Thursday night, watching the new Harry Potter movie with 11 friends. That is a pretty huge group for a movie. It's also the first time I combined my two cliques together in one outing. A movie is not exactly a good way to mingle, but at least they seen each other faces in real life. Sadly though, that great night of movie lead to probably one the worst day of my life. I had to send back my friend to the UPM hostel, but was blocked using our primary way, so I had to go to the 1st entrance, and had to show my matric card to enter and having to lie, we were doing research in the lab. After sending him to his hostel, I took a wrong turn to the wrong exit. UPM has many entrances to each of its faculty, hostel and campuses. So I reversed and rushed to the primary exit, where I was pulled over, and requested to check my boot and my back seat, not to mention my matric card, which the Security guard repeatedly look over and over again. They claimed since I was speeding and took a wrong turn, I was suspicious. Heck they did not even know GS in the matric card stands for graduate student. When I finally exited, the guard say don't enter too late inside. I once had to leave at 3am because of a lousy experiment, I don't think they have any authority to say anything to research, unless they want to come along and help me, or donate money so I can get new materials instead of borrowing it. Anyways I think I am older than most of them, since most guards are quite young really. I don't like Security Guards, especially the ones in Universities and perhaps some offices. Most of them are barely educated, can't really speak, and basically can't get any job other than a guard. So they can't think for themselves, nor they have the courtesy or people skills. I got a guard at KLCC where my sister works, who barks at employees whose name tagged is not on properly. They barked, not asking politely, but bark like a dog. I feel sad for them, that the only action they could get is scolding employees. The same thing for guards in Universities and Colleges, they only know how to act tough and give tickets to students. Give them one bad situation, they probably going to run around like chicken with their head cut off. What do these guard have for fighting anyway? A stick? I got bamboo stick in my car, or a steering lock or an umbrella that I could whip their ass. They act tough around employees and students because its the only time they could actually have any authority. In UPM, you can't get a sticker for anyone else even though you have all the right legal documents, because they are afraid of people counterfeiting the stickers. Dumbass, you think I can't remake the car sticker and the sticker shop, I seriously doubt you even checked the sticker number when I drive through. They make that stupid rule and yet they don't open on weekends. So basically those who work part time, must take a day off to get the lousy stickers. I hate guards, I wish to only to deal with machines, which is why its great to have those access cards and the poles to prevent you coming in and out. They do the same job these dumbass guards do, but cheaper, more efficient and with out the so called superiority complex that the human guards have. The only guards I should be afraid is the ones with guns, at least you know they have something to point if any real bad happens.
Well that is all for my point of guards (Hate the useless bastards and if you or your family or your friends is a guard, f@#K them too okay, because I don't give a d@#n) Anyways after that whole stupid incidence, I was stood up by a so called friend, because he fell asleep. Gee, thanks for making me plan around your sleeping time. Then my good for nothing brother, who existed is not needed at all in this universe, was smart enough to go out with the house keys and gate remote.....which was attached to the car keys of the car that I want to send to the mechanic to have it checked out. Really, I have no idea, his function in the house, nothing really, just a parasite that bleeds out resources really. I wish my albendazole works on him so he could be rid with just one dose (albendazole is Zentel, a worm drug). Really, I have no idea why I have to deal with these people, perhaps by force really. One thing that bugs me, is the new PhD student under my prof, the damn bastard somehow talked my prof about dropping Medical Protozology. You are doing Malaria, but you won't take protozology classes.. gee.. are you that smart already. You know, F@$k You, I hope to be finishing soon, and I hope you talked to prof about a nitrogen thank for your P. berghei, because I am so not taking care of it anymore .
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