Thursday, July 9, 2009


Why on earth do you need 5 cars?..

Actually we might need more...

Crazy right, to have 5 cars in a household. It's just plain crazy, and its not just a bunch of K-cars, its a variety of cars from the old but faithful 190e, the big and spacious Ria, the people's favourite Myvi, the executive choice Accord and the value for money Viva. Did I mention we have 2 motorcycle too..

My sisters pays for her Myvi, I paid for half of my Viva, I see no reason why my younger brother and sister should be driving. We did not have our own car's their age. Whose household has 5 car now anyway...

Perhaps they should go to the higher court (our dad) to find out how... I don't mind riding my bike again. Since parking is impossible now in UPM due to Medical brats bringing their own cars even though they are 1st semester students..
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