Sunday, July 12, 2009


I forgot how hard I can scream and how strong my younger brother is. Just my luck, that my older sister and younger brother were at it again, but on a higher intesity today. Both of them could not shut up, nor would they contain themselves. They were literally going to kill each other. There was a sharp screwdriver at hand okay. Mother told me not to leave him with my younger sister, she forgot to mention about not leaving him with the eldest sister. Its embrassing for a 20 year old and 28 year old to be fighting like that. I could leave them and let them be, but neighbors will start to notice, and blood will seep through the wooden flow, not to mention they were fighting close to the TV, and I was just starting to watch TV again. They are bunch of idiots, maybe I should let one of them get seriously hurt, but do I really want to be part of Harian Metro front page, over a stupid ski mask, I just don't think its worth it.
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