Monday, February 28, 2011

Against Nature

By nature, I like to be right all the time at any time for any topic. Its just something I am, especially when I know I am right. I want to be right and I will strive to find ways to be right to the point its not right, but who cares, as long as I am right, everything will be alright.

However, there are some people who are more stubborn, ego, bitchy, or right than I am. Usually I will fight them off one by one, till I have nothing left. I will either prove to you I am right by doing research by showing proof or will finally give in to your truth, but only after I given it a good fight.

However, you still forcefully want to be right, refuse to acknowledge me at all, used your Veto power, or refuse to back down, I will let you be right, and will let you be right forever. Everything you said is the truth and nothing can ever bend the facts you given to me. I will agree and believe to everything you say. You are the truth and you are the fact, you are wrong only if you choose to be wrong. At this point, I agree to whatever you say, not because I actually agree, its because I don't give a shit anymore, you can go f**k your self with your f**king  points and I won't say a f**king word anymore about it. You can take your f**king arguments and be the f**king ruler of the country name S**tville. You want to be right, go f**king ahead, just don't expect me to respond to anything more than a nod, or smile, because all of it is pure lies. You are so f**ked up you don't even know I am lying straight to your face, and that is the F**king truth

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