Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bitter Lemon

Bitter lemon, its a type of carbonated beverage with quininie and bitter lemon flavour. It was said to aid cramps, but I think they used it more to make alcoholic drinks. I actually love these different carbonated drinks. I will always get ginger ale if its available, even bitter lemon is nice now. It used to be a mystery for me when I seen these on the shelf at the supermarket. Not anymore...

Speaking of bitter, I have been feeling extermely bitter all week. Seriously, even more bitter than the skin of lemons. I just can't shake this feeling off. Maybe its the lack sleep or too much sleep or not enough sunlight. I think I just think too much or something.

Its like a screw loose in my head or something. Oh please.. let this bitterness go away..
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