Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 weeks

Around 2 weeks ago, I suddenly had a major acne break out. I did not change my diet, not did I change my skin regime, in fact I even doubled it after I started to follow my friend doing facials. The lady that does my face told me, I had a lot of blackheads, so I set up in a battle to control it. It was perfectly fine actually, I loved that my nose is no longer bumpy, but one thing she complained about my skin is that, although its free from acne, my face is quite oily and even though she already done the extraction, it seemed to come back after a week. Actually I think within 3 days my blackheads are back. Everything was quite okay, until I had 3 days of self induced stress which I tried to overcome by listening to music, doing work and going at the gym like crazy. It worked, since I was able to overcome the problem but 2 days after I thought I solved everything, I started to break out, and it got worse by each day. When I went back to the salon, she was so surprised my face is breaking out all of the sudden. She got her guns out and started to work on my face throughly. She scrubbed twice to remove all the oil off my face, and now the extraction process included to remove the acne that is hidden in my skin. It was a really painfull extraction process but it had to be done. As usual my blackhead extraction was also painfull. Then she did something new, she said, she had to use this toner, that will sting a lot but will help with my acute onset of acne. She was being honest, it stings like hell.

My face felt like it was on fire, I actually cringe in pain. It was so shocking that the toner actually hurts more that the extraction process. At the end of the process my face was swollen a bit and there were marks of all the acne that was extracted. She told me to get a cleanser for my skin so that it will be less oily. I finally gave in and bought it. Actually it was a pretty good cleanser, it made my face felt really clean. better than Neutrogena Deep Cleans foam. I am stopping all of my lotions for a while I just want my skin to be as less oily as possible. My last facial was so painfull, I felt very tired from the pain and slept early that day.

At 27, my acne came back with a vengence. Its going to be a long recovery, just like when I had my first break out at 13. Bring it acne,  I will take your sudden appearence and I will destroy you
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