Sunday, February 27, 2011

Over and Over Again

Where am I going? No where actually. I am cleaning out my closet, yet again, for god knows how many times already. I really have to get rid some of these clothes, Some of these clothes has been in my possession for 11 years already. I don't even where them anymore., yet I still keep them. Some of it are very comfortable to wear, some I keep for if I fit them again, some I kept when I feel a bit on the bloated side, while some has some sentimental values to it.

Bullshit, I think most of these things need to be thrown out. Yesterday during brunch my mother and sister had an idea to have a yard sale at our house to sell off anything we feel we don't need anymore. Its a reminiscent of a garage sale or a car boot sale depending on which country you learn your English from (is there another word for this?). Anyhow I think its a fantastic idea and I do have some clothes are still new but never worn again. My mother was especially ecstatic about this because her Islamic society did a charity sale and it turned out to be a big hit.

Hmm., room still look a like my closet just threw up. One, I chose to sleep on the floor because my bed was full of disarranged clothes. At least its better than my sister, she gave up sleeping in her room entirely.
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