Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I am Number 4

This is another movie starring Alex Pettyfer, the other one is Beastly. I think they filmed these movies at the same time or concurrently. So now we know how Alex Pettyfer got really fit, since he does lots of his own stunts in this move.

Look, its Diana Argon (Quinn) from Glee, of all the Glee cast members she seemed to be able to get some small roles on the big screen, Burlesque was the other movie she has a role in.

Imagine you are hunted down and you had to find away to survive. You also acquired new abilities that require you to master them in a short time

At least you would have someone to give you a crash course in using your new skills and she might just teach you new ones.

Check out the trailer

Did you hear that Number One was killed in Malaysia, in the trailer :). LOL..

By the way Nuffang is giving away free tickets to this movie. Why don't you guys check it out :)
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