Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Lol..sometimes I just don't feel like and adult. I still feel like a teenager, but alas my IC number defies me. I still study as usual, I have lecturers I have to face to, I got homework, it still feels like normal school to me. I got reality check via the amount of wedding invitations, and birth of baby's from friends in secondary school. Sorry guys, its next to impossible for me to go to weddings at this stage in life, unless, someone is willing to drag me along. If you actually want me to drive cross country to the wedding, that is just something not possible right now. Hey, I must be fair to all, might as well skip all weddings together, for now. I just feel weird being one of the few that still studies. Even my best friend who did master's with me, has a job at the faculty he is studying. Yes, my eyes were green with envy, or honey, or amethyst, or brown, depending how i feel with colored contacts, which apparently is mother approved. I keep telling my self, my time will come, and if I actually finish up faster, the faster I will the work force, however, I do intend to further this insanity again called PhD. Why not eh.. might as well go all the way...and be the student. They say, to gain knowledge is a life long lesson, but in my context, its student forever, in a school forever. Go figure eh, half of my life is spent in a learning institution. Not bad for a mediocre student.
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