Thursday, February 4, 2010


2010 has been terrible due to the mistake of 2009 and 2009. The hardest part that it hits is my waist and financial freedom. In 2009, whenever I feel incredibly stressed, I would just bake or whip something up. Sure it sounds like a recipe for adding excess pound, but actually, it does not. It does take a lot of work to whip out a creation that not many have taste. Most of it revolves around my childhood in the US. Too bad most of the food there is non halal, so not much I could taste. I eat what Malay normally eats, rice and "lauk".

However my interest in the American food I have never been able to eat, has risen over the past few months. Its a treat for both myself, family and friends. I can't believe I forgotten they joy of baking and seeing people reaction to it.
These are a type of bread that American call as biscuits, while the British calls them scones. Its a type of bread. American eats it with dinner or lunch with gravvy, while British enjoys them with tea and jam.

Put it a hot dog in it, and you get pigs in blanket. A simple hors d'ourves or a snack for parties. The recipe I used requires no kneading because I hate anything that requires more that 3 steps (mix, drop and bake). I am going to tweak this a bit and see how it goes with using oil only or at least less milk..

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