Friday, February 19, 2010


I miss having cats, but at the same time, I hate having them. I love them because they are furry, fuzzy, amusing animals. I hate them because they don't respond to me as well as other cats do with their owner. When I was little, we used to have a cat named Paka, that was named after the town we lived in Terengganu, 22 years ago. I was told he died because he choked a fishbone. 10 years ago, we had Siamese mixed cat named Brown, given to me by my Uncle. Brown, was a rather "active" cat, and had lots of babies. We had to literally threw the kittens away but some did make it to be adopted. One of the kitten drowned in a water container that we kept during El Nino during the water shortage. I still remember hearing the kitten meowing for help, in the wee hours in the morning. I ignored it thinking its just making noise. Brown went missing afterward but she left me with Mico. Mico was a cat with bushy tail, white patch for his chest and white "socks" that cover its paw. We moved to our current place in Kajang from KL and brought Mico along. I had to go to Perlis to further my studies, and rarely see Mico. Mico did not like in Kajang and often went out and came back only days later. One day went I came home, he got into a fight and had a huge wound on its back. I had to be mean to treat it with medication by locking him up and bathing him. Mico did not like it and soon he disappeared too. I just hope someone stole him too. I miss cats, but they just love to defecate inside the house and drive my mother crazy. I still want a cat, so I think I am going to start to feed these stray cats that come in and out of my house, at least its a way to actually have a cat around without having to take care of it.
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