Monday, February 8, 2010


Is it near? Well the first draft (actually its a second draft, but Dr Ngah said, this is the first draft since its the most complete one). I need to do some repairs and I should send it in by Friday, my sequencing mysteries are solved, by the very very incredibly efficient Dr Shariza. She is so efficient, its crazy how efficient she is in solving my problem. Gosh.. she should get a Prof title later in her years. This is good, its hard when you become demotivated during research or work. It sucks really, to loose it, which kinda makes me wonder, if I want to further my PhD overseas. I don't think I will have the support I have here in Malaysia. Online friends are nice, but they are still online in a virtual space. Its still better to talk and mingle with them in real life. That human and personal factor which is very important. Well, let me finish this first and actually try to write something to the professors in USA, before making any harsh decisions.
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