Sunday, September 16, 2007


Oh crap, tomorrow I have to drive all the way to IMR to pick up two mice, one is infected with P. bergei, a malaria parasite and another is infected with T.gondii. So tomorrow I have to go there and pick up the mice and give the fresh ones. I am scared shit man, because I haven't learned how to inoculated the mice. If they die, before I am able to transfer the parasites from them to another batch of healthy mice. I will surely die woooo..

My project is on T.gondii but my prof has a project on P.berghei, he expects me to do both.. huhu sure want to die one. I just did my exam on helminth and I want to cry one. I really tabik (salute) those Americans who take masters and degree courses, because it is compulsory for them to take up seminars and classes along with their research. I tell you aaa, its damn hard man. Think twice before taking up a master course. I am thinking about taking up a PhD course in 2 year...gulp.

Who knows my plans have been changing ever since SPM. Maybe I will go to the UK, or maybe I will just become a regular tutor at UPM or go to other private colleges and become a lecturer. Haiya... instead of studying I am now blogging :p

terrible lah my work etiques, ok lah I want to study about P.berghei. Next time la ya whoever is reading this ;)
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