Friday, September 14, 2007

Fasting and cars

Yah lame title, so guyish and year 3 format, but what the hell, my damn blog my damn title ;)
Anyways its the second of Ramadan, and second day of fasting. So far everything is OK, except I feel I don't have enough sleep. I got to wake up for sahur (early morning breakfast) at 4.45am or I will go hungry all day. Actually I am not hungry that much through out the day, just damn sleepy man, I guess the lack of sugar in my blood cause my brain to shut down.

I just had my first master level test in medical helminthology, I thought it was kind of easy, but then during the test, it hit me. THIS IS A MASTER LEVEL TEST, no longer a diploma or bachelor level test. Those 5 marks are not as easy to score as they were then, in addition the passing mark is 65-70!!! SHIT!!! To add salt to the wound, I only could answer 3 out 4 compulsory short essay questions, that used to sound great when back in the diploma and degree years but CANNOT LAH NOW.... since the standard is much higher.. :(

I finally own the car and now it gives me problem :( or I think the mechanic does not know what to do.. I changed the condenser because it was leaking now the aircond is cool and there is no leaking, however now there is this screeching sound up front and then one of my radiator fan is not working!!! Only one is spinning, the other one is wedged to the bumper. I am damn angry man.... I spent last Saturday at the shop now going there again.... :(

First the scratched my car while installing the spoiler then they messed up my front hood opening mechanism now my radiator fan.. AIYO this is the life of owning a car man.......
I will show you guys the picture once I get my hands on a digital camera. Do you got any tips on which brand is good, I need something with antishake mechanism because I tend to get shaky when taking pictures
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