Monday, September 24, 2007

Hot air

I feel very bloated today, maybe its the ice cream soda i had for sahur :p. Anyways its monday and tomorrow I have another journal presentation, every week its some other damn journal presentation. I feel like vomitting blood full of journal presentation because I am just so sick and tired of presenting something that is not related to my research.

My mice infected with my parasite are ill, which is great new because that is exactly what they are supposed to do. Anyways prof called me again and wanted to continue on with the other phases of our research. I was like DAMMIT, its only first semester and I am already 1/4 with my thesis. For god sake I have course work to be done and its a lot harder than I thought. He just insist of doing it as fast as possible, for him easy lah for me its like water rising up to my nose.

I felt fatter today, probably because of the soda, I feel bloated, I feel I could sink down to the ocean if someone threw me to sea. I been taking a lot of pictures with the camera and as one author of the blogs put it "a cam whore". Yup I guess that makes me a whore too, a cam whore of course.

Well, got to finished reading and understanding the journal for tomorrow. I totally forgot I had a presentation tomorrow. Struggle la hari ni, hopefully my mice wont die on me.. if not I will die too.
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