Monday, September 17, 2007

Get Lost

Yup get lost...

I did, I went to IMR this morning and got lost going there and got lost again going back. I am totally hapless when it comes to travelling by car. I been there many times but I used a different road, you just change one signboard and I will definetly be lost.. again.

Anyways no matter it was fun, but my petrol lah habis, my car, telan minyak punya la banyak, but at least its free given to me from my parents. Anyways the mice are in good condition and Dr Ngah, my supervisor, has helped me a lot in setting up my research.

Anyways I checked my scale, and I lost 3kg. YEE HAW... and we have been only fasting for a couple of days. This is a lot better than walking on the thread mill. Maybe its because during nights in Ramadan, I was busy. I determined to go the mosque at least everyday and study a bit more.

Anyways, my bored and lonely spell has come again. It means I am again really bored and feeling really lonely. I have no loved ones other than family to loved with. I will definetly fall in love with anyone giving me the slightest attention, is how chronic this spell is. Right now I just reactivated my hotlink prepaid and started smsing people I haven't sms before. Hey I still got around 150 free sms. Its a shame to let it go to waste. I plan now to meet many of my online friends who lives nearby. Its time to meet them in person and find out if they are as friendly as they are online. I am just bored right now, I need to see life in a different perspective, that is why now i am starting to read other peoples blogs, whose life is 360 degrees different than mine. So... gonna keep reading other people's stuff.
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