Monday, September 24, 2007

Life's a bitch

Yes life is a bitch

And so is my sister, I told her about my problem with my professor. He like to assume I know everything. He was supposed to teach me how to properly handle, inject and ethunized a mice but NOOOOO he said to just observed what he is doing. He won't let me ask any questions. I told this to my sister and she said "you can't work with people" I was like WHaT THE FUCk BITCH. She said a professor can show you everything, you must learned on your self. Ok fine, for learning the basics of parasitology and immunology Ok I get it, but the practical side of research, WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO TEACH ME THAT!! KUTPM does not provide adequate lab training to their students. This is the time where the my supervisor should help with my shortcomings, I had help with my co supervisor and he helped me through the lab animal stage. STuPid bitch,

Does she think pilots or surgeon learned to their job by just looking at the surgery and then follow some diagrams from a book. If there were diagrams on mice handling, killing and innoculating I would have it damm it. bItCH. all talk, that is exactly what she does in human resources telling people what to do. Sorry in the house, her superiority does not work one bit ok.

Today sucks so bad, I feel very edgy and snappy, hence the above paragraphs on the bitch. Right now I want someone who will listen to every single rants and ramble that I make and still keep a straight face. I really need to find that someone. Its just getting harder now.
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