Monday, September 17, 2007

Early in the morning

Yup boys and girls

Its 6.30 am by the time I am writing this. I was supposed to read up on my counting chamber shit, its a slide that is used so that we could count cells or in my case oocyte and tachyzoites under the microscope. I think the only time I have seen that thing is during my industrial training at HKL.

Oh well I have to go to pick up my mices and gave them new ones. God knows what the hell I am going to do with them. I want to call my prof up, but it seems that he is busy, or its just that I just don't want to see him. Its like everytime I see him, there is always something new to be done. Haiyo....

Its been fun reading other peoples blogs, I read two already. Haha two only you say...... well yeah I am not really a blog reader until now. Now I am searching for blogs to read in my spare (full ;p) time. Those first two blogs were really interesting to be read, its nice to know things outside my circle of friends. I want to find the book or something title "The Law of Attraction", one of its major points is that you will attract people who thinks, acts or have the same principle as you. So if you are nice, friendly, loves food kinda a person [oh wait that's me ;) ] you will tend to attract people with the same view.

I am always fascinated with the clubbing life, yup 23 and still haven't been into clubs. Well in my circle of friends, it's considered a taboo, a sin, but no one really know I have an evil side too. (Muaahhaaa). I am getting tired of doing my master, yup so suddenly, yah.... But then if I were to start working I would say the same damn thing. Seriously I really really need to pick a goal and stick it to the end. Although I did plan to study in the UK, I mean if I finished my masters well and then apply to become a tutor in UPM, I might have a chance to go the UK for 4 years to do my PhD.

But really, all I think about UK is the cars, the food, and basically just the UK life. I mean I have been introduced to American culture, since we have lived there for 3.5 years about 10 years ago, but that is old story. I want to embark to a journey to the west (fuh yo, mcm Fung Sai Yok...err this is that monkey character right :D) Anyways I have to stop man..... I haven't read my counting chamber crap...

See ya
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