Sunday, January 8, 2017

Splurging on the first day back to the office

I just spent RM 60 during lunch.

Yea, I am back in the Twin Towers. I tried to eat healthy and got a kimbab but who gets full with just a kimbab, of course I added fruit salad and some leafy salad. Bam, a RM 20 lunch. This is sometime my daily meal cost when I am in Sabah. Well, I do mostly eat at home, even though lately it's mostly cooked junk food which consist of chicken nuggets, pasta, hot dogs, and instant noodles.

It feels so good to be back and having home cooked meals while just scarfing every thing in the house. There is so much food in my parents home. I am like, who eats them all! um, all 7 people who are living there. I love the background noise at home and also the office. I love the option of ignoring people and also talking to them when I feel like it.

Unlike doing work outside, where it just me, her, him and him. God it feels insanely boring. Which means, more time to blog. Now I just realized it felt the same thing when I was doing my postgraduate. I was so bored, that I needed something else to fill that empty void. Here I am posting multiple times a day, with schedules post of some days.

Well, I do need people to read my random shit. No matter how isolated you feel, there are people who feels the same way. LOL

I gotta get back to work
Bean on toast is surprisingly tasty. I will load on beans and bread after this, but look how  not green the plate is. 
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