Sunday, January 8, 2017

I rather have a root canal

Have you ever heard that saying before?

It usually used to compare two things. Normally the root canal is an option more worse than the other option. For example

"I rather have a root canal than date you"

Something cliche like that. However I had 2 root canals done and it was perfectly fine. My teeth hurt more before I did the procedure. Was root canal really bad in the past that people made this line up? I mean, the dentist use some for of anesthesia. I usually get a jab in the gums to numb the pain, and that is the only pain I have during the procedure.

On the other hand, a root canal would be better than the other option, because root canal's are awesome because it relieves the pain you had for days, and those who had toothaches before, know that it is one of the worst pain to have. I felt like somebody had a hammer and they were hitting me in the gums. Ugh.

There are so many videos on Youtube that shows the root canal procedure. You don't see the patient fidget at all. I mean, I was nervous but so far it went well.

It takes around 2-3 sessions, because the dentist need to know whether the tooth has healed or not. The reason that I had a root canal is because there was a deep cavity in my front teeth that infected the roots. So the root was infected and caused a great deal of pain for me. It got bad that, my face got swollen due to my gums. That is how bad an infected teeth can do to you.

Don't fret, just go do it. I heard in some places they give you something to calm you down, but must be some really fancy place, because the dentist I go, just use a regular anesthesia injection to the gums. Although she did apply some strawberry flavored numbing cream on my gums, before the injection. It was like a regular injection, so the pain was similar, but the numbing feeling on my face was an awesome sensation to have. Even my nostrils felt numb, LOL.

So yes, I would totally have a root canal, if I actually had a tooth ache, because root canals is not cheap.

Good times at the dentist. 

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