Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A quite place in a hectic world

I love living in the city.

The hustle bustle of the city make me feel alive because I am a city boy. However it does get on my nerve with the traffic congestion and the sheer amount of people everywhere. I commute about 3 hours a day, to and from work. These are the time, that I actually cherish and miss.

This are the time where I get to listen to music on Spotify, surf all of the social media, take a nap, or even just day dream. It's my own me time, in the sea of people. Just put on some headphones, and you are in your own bubble.

Working outside of KL, does not give me that. It's too quiet. I don't have the option to shut everything out. Even when I go to the mall, after lunch and a movie, I am ready to go home. I could actually just stay indoors for 2 direct days, because I cook all my food, which now consist of pasta and nuggets.

One thing that is good, since this is causing some internal turmoil in myself. I get to blog more, post more pictures on Instagram, take more Snapchat, Tweet a bit more and write more Facebook status. These are important things, that shows potential employers that I know my shit online, and I know pop culture.


This might bite me later in life, when I get sick of all the pop culture. Well, I need a powerful tablet to consume even more social media, so I can over dose it.

In the end, it's my personal quite space in the hectic world of the city. Now I have to switch it up and make it the chaotic bubble in the quiet area outside of the Klang Valley

Type away my fears and create my own chaotic bubble
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