Sunday, January 8, 2017

How long have I been on the internet

How long have I been on the Internet?

Well, I remember learning about the Internet and using it in the mid 90s, when we were still living in Norman, Oklahoma. I think it's something I learn both in school and home. Mostly I used it at home, at random hours for a few minutes. Everybody remembers dial up Internet, where it's either Internet or your land line phone.

It was crazy back then, and pretty boring. The Internet was mostly text. It was basically like a giant blog. In the US, everything kinda sped up a bit more. I think I remember watching the movie The Net which was roughly still the same time I was in the states. Definitely not what I seen happens in the Internet I used.

When we got back to Malaysia, my dad gotten a modem and we resumed using the Internet. However the Internet was just by the minute. OMG. It was a few cents, but it does add up with how slow everything is. Imagine how long it took to download an image. It was crazy compared to now. Technology is awesome on how it grows and stuff.

So basically I have been online for more than 20 years. That is something. I am one of the generation that lived before Internet existed and the one that caught up to the tech quite fast. Although that as fast those that were born when the Internet was already up and running. Everything at first, was made for the niche crowd. Remember Facebook was originally made for college students or something. How about Instagram was an Iphone app only.

It's cool how everyone is now able to connect online using their phones. Google is definitely one of the giants that made it possible with their open based system. Then these chip companies that made processors cheap enough so that basically anyone can do the same thing online at different price range. It just differ in the picture quality and how smooth your experience using the phone.

20 + years man. That is a more than half of my lifetime, dedicated online. No wonder I have issues with places without it. The Internet is basically family.

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