Saturday, January 7, 2017

2017, a new year, more irritating clickbaits

Well no shit.

It does mean a lot, it does mean that I neglected writing in my blog for almost 1 year, since the post I made was done in January. Well, since I have other social media and my Iphone is the perfect seamless device to do so, why is there need for a blog right?

It was the in thing to do before 2010. I met a lot of people using this platform. It was sweet, since you get to read their innermost thought and how they view the world.

Now however, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has got that covered very well. All the ads and everything. We get all these ads and we still use it, because mostly some of the ads is tasteful and not as intrusive.

I said it way to many time, I need to get back to blogging. It's a form of writing that is good. Now it is even more useful, since blogs it's a platform to show my writing skills or how I view the world.

I bet you, if I applied for a job, as my sister word "stake holders", honestly I still have little clue on what that means, I would need to show the interviewers how skilled I am online.

I bet you again, they would treat all the social media account as a source of resume. Perhaps they want me to give them a link of the most read post I had here.

However, it feels so saturated and annoying. I mean I genuinely enjoy some of the content people produced on their social media, although some is just so sickly following trends, or just doing it for the views and stuff.

That is the point though right? To get people reading

Hence all the irritating click bait title. I swear to god, I will never click those kind of titles

"This girl found something in her salad, we were shocked"

"A stay at home mom found a genius way to fold laundry"

"Sugar daddy reveals their secret"

Ughh... like ads that appear on any bait article that you read on Facebook or when you Google stuff, but that is the job that you see people do. There are some poor soul or saps, writing those things and an editor breathing down their neck to pursue their dead line.

Well, at least that a job that they have and something some people don't.

I have no idea anymore.

I am going to stop writing in Facebook status mode and go write some other crap. Probably need to put an alarm to remind me to type some random crap each day.

Pics of my laptop, because you need pics in a blog to keep it from being boring? I dunno.
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