Monday, August 23, 2010

A conversation during Sahur

Me: Ma, I think you may have slip disc

Ma: me too

Me: bla bla bla friend, bla bla, Dr Ngah, Dr Malina, bla bla

Ma: Yup, it does hurt

Sisters: *nods

Me: Bla bla bla, physiotherapy, bla bla, friend,

Ma: Really, bla bla, I should

Me: You should, bla bla bla friend, bla bla, bowling, bla bla

Sisters: *nods

Ma: Yes, bla bla, KPJ Hospital, bla bla, near, bla bla

Me: Yes, bla bla, you should go, bla bla

Ma: Yup bla bla

Me: Bah, you have slip disc too before right?

Babah: What? I can't understand you, please speak properly. I don't understand a word you said. Can't you speak normally?

Me: *stayed quiet

Ma: *took multivitamin

Sister 1: *near the kitchen sink, Huh? I could understand Abang's conversation perfectly, how come Babah did not?

Sister 2: *shrugs.

*Moral of the story?
My family has our own secret language that my dad does not understand or I have a language that only my family members and friends could understand and my dad does not. Now you know, why I never really talked to my dad about anything. When he tries to decode what I say, it will end up frustrating him and brings the conversation to an end.
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