Monday, August 30, 2010

Did you

Do you sometime wonder why you are you? How you look, where you live, how your life turned out. These are the thoughts when you have too much free time. Or that you stayed playing a game for too long your mind literally froze (that's what happened to me now, now I lost sleep and fail to do anywork, now I am blackberrying in the dark while worrying will I stay awake long enough to fall asleep). I started to look at the mirror and see myself. Same face I knew all my life. Things that changed, things that stayed the same. Things I want to change things I never thought I did. Urgh... I should just have shut down the lap top and just sit quietly and just get lost in my imagination. But the last time I did that was during my botched up dye job. No worries, a hair cut and a new dye job should do the trick. I kinda hate sleeping now. Dreams are getting weirder and weirder. Its addictive too. Like a TV show that you watched. You keep wanting to know what will happened next. I gotta stop these things. I don't want to have a bedtime dream, it just takes away from my real life dream, it takes away my life in general. Gotta sleep....
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