Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rejected, how the body just throws you a curve ball

I am moving again...

I am too old for this shit, I moved a lot before, so right now, I am enjoying just firmly grasping my roots in one place.

My work now involves me moving every 6 months. Travelling is nice, as long as you get to return to home,  but months at a time. Damn...

Somehow, my work is now related to my dad, who has to travel a lot when he was working. Up to months of a time. It was so weird that I would be doing the same travelling but in a different line of work.

Somehow my body is resisting again. I am starting to feel itchy, coughing, my nose is running, my head is spinning, all the signs of my body is resisting the move again. The only to trick my body that we are going to be ok, is to bring a lot of things that will remind me of home.

For now, the travelling will be limited to Peninsular Malaysia. Which is not bad, considering that I can drive and bring everything with me. Just nesting stuff to make everything feels like home.

If it in west Malaysia, then it would rather suck. My luggage's is definitely more than 30kg. That is like RM200 per trip, just for my bags. I am wondering if postage would be the cheaper option. Or not.

One has to do to make a living...
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