Monday, October 30, 2017

Pain and Gain

I finally done it.

I finally started to listen to a reminder that I set to myself for life. I blogged. Yup, I set a reminder on my phone for life that I shall remember to blog every other night at 10pm for like, forever. Each time however, I looked at it, and totally ignored it. It’s sent on my email and I did not even switch it off. So basically, I have shit load of email of the reminder that I set, that I ignored.

Would you imagine that, living in a new apartment for work, without direct internet, is forcing me to do something other than mindlessly surfing for “videos” online. In theory, Sommerset Putri Harbor would be the best place to write blogs and shoot amazing vlogs due to fast internet and really good light and location.

Yet in a place like Sumai, I wanted to write more. However Kuala Terengganu on the second day is not so bad. I found a few places that sells cheap meals and snacks. I mean, Mama was right, I do like the food here. I mean, that is what my family does anyway, when they go to Terengganu. Eat keropok, drink coconut mixed with simple syrup, devour Satars and just eat silly.

I miss my family and the busy “ness” of it. Yet I have not applied to any newer job nor do I have better skills than becoming a Science Communicator. I would hope that my Directors switches me back, but I don’t think it will happen. I like my job, and what I do, it’s just that being away from my family, just makes everything a bit harder.

Maybe I need this pain to catapult me to the next stage. Get the camera out, type that shit, it’s time to be famous and online savvy while just not give a fuck anymore.

No pain, no gain right?

Monday, October 16, 2017

More pain More Gain

I just realised or actually, remembered something.

When I am in pain, I write more

When I am hurt, I talk more.

My mind get's cluttered and writing is the way to go.

I have a reminder that is permanent on my phone, to write blog every other night, so that I have content. I pretty much ignored it, as much as I ignored the notification for bedtimes. My mind and heart is so cluttered now. Perhaps it's time to start writing and then show the world, how a mid 30s year old Bazz is different from his late 20s.

More cam whoring I guess, more random status, and dear god more snap chat. I still can't get it to my head to actually look at the camera and say

Please like, subscribe and share this post to people. It feels so vapid in a way, am using the word Vapid correctly

I dunno....